The Best Paid Survey Websites

Finding legitimate paid survey websites can be quite the task. I have spent years looking for good websites and it seems that the bad websites far out number the good ones. This is the reason that I have chosen to make this website. Below you will find some good survey sites and my honest review of them. I hope that you enjoy my list and make lots and lots of money from it.


I simply love this website. Sign up is simple and quick and there are tons of surveys to do. Be sure to take the time to answer all of the little questions about yourself. You will be paid for these profile surveys and they will be used to help steer relevant surveys to you. The more relevant a paid survey is, the more you will enjoy doing it, and the faster you will be able to do it. All of  the surveys are listed and clearly state how much you will earn and how long it will take to do. You can use this information to determine what surveys are worth your time. I noticed that I was able to complete surveys way under the time stated, by the way, so if you are a good survey taker you will be able to do them faster.



Global Test Market
This company has a long track record in the industry. They have paid out millions of dollars in cash and prizes, making them worth checking out. Like lots of companies in this industry, they pay in gift cards but the cards are to common places that you probably visit quite often. If you want to cash out though, you can always get a paypal card.


Survey Taking Tips


Avoid Distractions

Choose a quiet place to work, free from distractions. This will allow you to complete your surveys faster and allow you to make more money per hour. Things like television, facebook, etc should be avoided.


Complete Your Profile

Completing your profile will help the survey website match you with better surveys that are more relevant to you. This has two benefits. It will make the surveys more enjoyable for you to take, and it will allow you to do them faster since you will have knowledge of the topic.


Cash Out Your Money Often

You might like the idea of saving your money or points up so that you can get a bigger and more worthwhile reward, but this could be a mistake. Survey websites come and go and it is possible that a site could go down. If it does, it will take your money with it. You could also get banned for unintentionally (or intentionally) violating the terms of service. Avoid the headaches and cash out whenever you reach a minimum.


Pay Attention To Your Surveys

Survey makers like to check and make sure that you are paying attention to your work. They will often throw in some trick questions or ask you to put down a specific answer. Answer incorrectly and your survey will be over and you will have wasted your time.


Never Walk Away From A Survey

Many surveys will time out with inactivity. Always complete a survey in one sitting without walking away. If you take a break during a survey, you risk losing all of your work.


Do Not Use Your Main Email

Get a throwaway, free email address from a place like google or yahoo. Most legitimate sites will not spam you and make it easy to opt out of emails but there are sites that may sell your email address. If that happens, you want to be able to drop the email address and get a new one.


Try New Websites Often

Websites come and go in this business and you should give new ones a try. Constant testing will allow you to choose ones that pay the best and have the best surveys. It also allows you to replace lower paying websites with lesser quality surveys.


Never Pay For Access

Survey taking is free and should pay YOU money. Never pay for access to a website. These deals never work out and you will lose your money.


Check Your Email Often

Survey websites will send out special invitations by email. Often these pay well and are for short terms so you will have to act quickly.


Do Not Give Out Your Social Security #

Uness you earn over $600 in a tax year, you do not need to give out this information.


Join As Many Good Websites As You Can

This will give you the greatest opportunity to receive the most survey work. The more work that you have in front of you, the choosier you can be. This means you can pick the higher dollar surveys more and more.


Do Not Expect To Get Rich

With practice, you can make a nice additional monthly income, but you will not get rich taking surveys. Websites that say that you can make thousands of dollars a month are lying to you. With practice, a few hundred dollars a month is reasonable.